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If this is your first time here, I am Ophelia Fatale; you have no choice but to call Me Mistress. The Brisbane based Professional Dominatrix, Princess of Perversion, Sex Witch and Rubber Bitch.

 I’m your wet dream and your worst nightmare. 

Now that we’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, I don’t feel compelled to bore you with a list of synonyms attempting to convince you of My dominance. My lust for an authentic, flowing power exchange is as fierce as My eyes, I am an entirely unique individual with a style of dominance just as authentic.

My enthusiasm is unparalleled; this will become apparent the moment you submit your flesh and psyche to Me. The lust I possess for My craft is what allows Me to confidently wear the crown of being able to provide even the most nervous submissives with an unimaginable experience.

I have been evolving as a Professional Dominatrix in the flesh since 2015, with my online presence dating back to 2013. Meanjin/Brisbane is My place of residence, here you will find Me 7 days a week in My private, fully equipped inner city play space. I facilitate fantasies in Gold Coast by appointment; Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania and Canberra victims are graced with My presence when I am on tour.

I can’t wait to have My way with you. Once you’re under My spell you will never leave.

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